5 Proven Techniques to Boost Your Email Campaign Conversion Rates
5 Proven Techniques to Boost Your Email Campaign Conversion Rates

5 Proven Techniques to Boost Your Email Campaign Conversion Rates

As surprising as it may sound for some, email is not dead. In fact, it’s really the opposite. Contrary to popular belief, companies don’t continue to use email campaigns because they’re old-fashioned. They continue to use it because time and again it has proven itself incredibly effective at converting to sales. If you’ve found that this has not been the case for you, don’t worry. Here are 5 techniques that have helped many companies to turn emails into leads.

Got Video?

Who doesn’t love watching things? Look all around, just about everyone you know probably has a subscription to a streaming service. Log on to just about any social media platform and you’ll find video after video after video. YouTube has over 2 billion active users, which technically makes it the second most popular search engine (after Google).

In other words, people love video. And when it comes to marketing, neglecting video is ignoring a huge source of revenue for your business.

Now, what does video have to do with emails? Here are a few reasons:

  • Videos save space: While videos take up a little storage, they eliminate the need for an overly long email. You can sweep away reluctance among your clients of reading a long email by letting the video do most of the talking.
  • People remember visuals: Studies show that people retain just 10% of something they read after three days, but remember as much as 65% when the information is paired with visuals (aka video).
  • Videos show progress: Videos use links and links let you track performance. You can see how many people are watching, which can help you know what works and what needs to be improved.

One of the massive benefits is that video can go anywhere in an email campaign: nurture emails, sales, newsletter, whatever! Slideshare.net tells us that people who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than those who don’t, so you have nothing to lose from including a video and everything to gain.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

We cannot stress this enough. Unless you can provide a Star Wars-level droid, nobody wants to talk to a robot. Let’s be honest, no matter how tech-savvy the world becomes, business is always between real, living, breathing people, with thoughts and feelings and wants and needs, and the moment you lose that personal connection, you’ve lost the customer’s attention.

If you don’t believe me, how many emails do you ignore because it sounds like the text equivalent of a robotic scam caller? You opened that email expecting something of value and got the written equivalent of “We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty…”

We’re not saying that you should fill your emails with emojis and text-talk. It would be hard to take a business seriously if they sound something like, “Yo, theirs a lot of product hre LOL. Talk like you would talk in person, be friendly, make it sound like you genuinely went out of your way to shoot them off an email.

“Hey, _____

“We know that it can be hard to _____ on your own and that’s why you might like ____. It’s got tons of great features, such as _____, so that you can ____, which means ______.”

(Of course, it will need to be a little longer than that. But the rule of thumb is to imagine you’re emailing a friend and telling them, “Hey, I loved this product and I think you could really use it, too!”)

Catch ‘Em With The Subject Line

Oh the subject line, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

The subject line of the email is your best friend. Surprising, right? You might find yourself disbelieving. “But, XYZ, if I could get someone to hit the buy button purely off of a subject line, then I wouldn’t bother writing an email at all.”

Wouldn’t we all? But here’s the deal, without an intriguing subject line, how many people do you think are going to even get close to opening your email? The subject line is like the headline of a newspaper. It’s like the poster that makes you say, “I wanna see that movie!” It’s the title that makes you pick up a book in a store to look at the synopsis.

Your subject line should be compelling enough to make the customer want to learn more.

  • “Save Lots Of $ On Your Bill With This Budgeting Tip.”
  • “3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Car.”
  • “A Family-Sized Smoked Brisket Meal For Less Than $15??”

I don’t know about you, but I would like to open up those emails.

One Of The Most Important Rules Of Subject Lines

Here’s a non-negotiable rule, though, and I’m going to put it in caps to make it clear: NO CLICKBAITING.

Nobody likes a clickbaiter. In case you’re not familiar, clickbaiting is using a title that’s not technically false (but not technically true either) in order to “trick” someone into opening your email. Just as an example, imagine you watched a Jason Bourne movie and then sent a mass email to your friends with the subject line, “I JUST WITNESSED A GUNFIGHT!!” You’re not wrong. But you are painting a very different picture than what you’re actually offering. It’s a cheap shot and you will lose credibility in the eyes of your customers.

The best way to avoid clickbaiting? Be honest. Don’t make any promises that you can’t deliver.

Don’t Underestimate The Value Of The Preheader

If the subject line is the movie poster that catches your customer’s eye, then the preheader is the movie trailer that makes you want to book your ticket.

The preheader is the second thing a customer is going to encounter when your email arrives in their inbox. It doesn’t give a full-on summary, but it elaborate on what the client can expect from opening your email.

Just borrowing from the examples in the previous section:

  • Save Lots Of $ On Your Bill With This Budgeting Tip: This subject line could be followed by a preheader such as, “This surprisingly easy habit can have you paying yourself, and not the power company.”
  • 3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Car: While intriguing, you can sweeten the deal with a preheader like, “Don’t buy before you’ve read number 2.” Even if they weren’t planning on reading, they might end up opening out of pure curiosity for what “number 2” is.
  • A Family-Sized Smoked Brisket Meal For Less Than $15??: Ok, who wouldn’t open that email anyways (besides a family of vegetarians, of course)? But you could follow it up with a preheader that promises a great recipe, an amazing offer with the purchase of your product, something similar.

Because subject lines and preheaders are so important, take time to think about it and make it good. Don’t phone it in. If neither the subject line nor the header are well-done, then it really won’t matter how good the email content itself is.

Just remember to follow the same rule as above: no clickbaiting! Nobody wants it, nobody needs it, and it will hurt your credibility.

Call Them To Action

Your emails could get everything right – from a great subject line, to preheader, to an amazing video, and written in such a personal way that your client wants to send you a Christmas card. However, if you want them to buy what you’re trying to offer, you’ve got to let them know.

Hinting that someone should buy your product isn’t going to work. They’re not going to pick up on it, unfortunately. But if you’ve made a compelling case that your product can solve their problems and improve their life, then you shouldn’t be worried about saying, “Hey, here’s how you can get your hands on it.”


  • Even Apple needs a button that says “Buy.”
  • Xbox has one that says “Get it now.”
  • Chick-Fil-A’s reads “Order food.”

Why do so many businesses drop phrases like “Get yours today,” “Schedule an appointment now,” “Book your tickets?” Because they are clear, straightforward, and bold statements that let the customer know exactly what they need to do to get their hands on what you have to offer.

Run Your Email Campaign With XYZ

An email campaign can do wonders for your company. But they can also be time consuming. In fact, some companies never stop running them, sending weekly emails almost non-stop.

If you want to run an email campaign but don’t know if you can take that commitment yourself, then don’t worry. XYZ has got your back. We can take that effort for you of crafting emails that can attract potential customers. Meanwhile, you can focus on running your business without having to worry about taking hours out of your day to write, format, and send out emails on a weekly basis.
Contact XYZ Marketing today to talk about setting up an email campaign custom-designed for your business.

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