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Podcasting for Business growth : 5 Reasons Why Podcasting Builds Businesses

Podcasting has been around for a hot second now, but in recent years has skyrocketed in popularity. There is a common misconception out there that podcasting is purely for entertainment, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, businesses staking their claim in the world of podcasting have been able to take advantage of a whole new platform, and many have seen real results from it.

If you’re looking into building a podcast for your business, here are 5 reasons why it’s a great idea.

Start Podcasting for Business growth in 2023

1. Podcasting Channels Passion Into Income

You know the phrase, “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life?” Podcasting goes out to prove that true by giving you a platform where you can share your passion, while simultaneously channeling your listeners into potential clients.

I want you to think about a hobby that you love, that one activity that helps you to decompress. Now, what was the process of improving in that hobby? Odds are as you gained an interest, you probably looked up everything you could on the subject, right?

Podcasting gives you the chance to be the source of information who other passionate people are looking for. Not only that, but you can turn that passion into an active source of income by blending business with enjoyment. For example:

  • A bodyshop business owner with a passion for cinema could do a podcast about cars on the silver screen. Suddenly, he can direct fellow movie lovers through his doors.
  • An insurance agent who loves sports could run a podcast talking through the ins and outs of insurance in football (or basketball, soccer, and so on). Lo and behold, fellow enthusiasts know who they’re going for when they need insurance.
  • A naturopath with a passion for cooking can easily run a podcast about healthy diets, and then when her listeners have questions or need someone of her expertise, they know who to look for.

2. You Become An Authority Through Podcasting

Did you know that 59% of customers prefer to buy new products from brands that they already trust? In other words, your authority as a brand plays a massive role in how much business comes your way.

Brand authority is the credibility and reputation that a business gains, and how it is seen by customers (both potential and established). Companies with high brand authority are known, even by people that haven’t purchased from them; they are trusted for offering goods or services of quality; and they are regarded as a specialist in their proper field.

Podcasting is a great way to build brand authority, by giving you a very personal medium to show your expertise.

So why aren’t more businesses podcasting, a platform that is literally about vocally sharing your expertise? Maybe it’s because they’re not seeing the value in what you can give them. Podcasts allow people to share their expertise, and as an authority within your industry, you’ve got a prime opportunity to stand out in a way that will leave potential customers wanting even more.

  • Because of the audio format, listeners can hear more enthusiasm and speaking skills, which can add authority when there’s often lack thereof with written words alone.
  • Regularly scheduled podcasts will establish your company as an expert within their field due not only to accurate information or ideas shared but also because listeners feel like they’re getting personal updates from someone who knows what he/she is talking about.

3. Guests Have Influence

As you start your podcast you can boost its growth by letting guests enjoy their time in the spotlight. Your guests are brought on because they have experience, interest or a unique viewpoint that will help your listeners understand the topic of discussion. It can be refreshing for listeners and also increase your authority, by covering areas that you yourself might not be as knowledgeable about, but others might.

The people that your guest will share the episode with will listen and get a taste of your podcast. They will almost certainly share their episode with friends and family (always make it super easy for them by providing links) so you can tap into an audience who might not have yet heard of your podcast.

Guests provide an active opportunity to grow your podcast, by allowing you to have more people that listen, which means many things:

  • You have more people that you can promote your business to
  • More people might join your community
  • Listeners might check out your affiliate links
  • And (especially) you can get people interested in your online courses/products

Making use of guests shows that you are an authority within a community and are a one-stop-shop for many of the questions that your listeners might have.

4. Podcasts Are Convenient

When it comes to convenience, podcasts rank very high up on that list. See, one of the reasons why some businesses struggle to get noticed through writing or even video (though both can still be very effective) is that their customers might not have the time to sit down and devote that attention to it.

Podcasts are different. You can put in your headphones, hit “play,” and then proceed to do whatever you need to, while still getting the information contained in the episode. It takes no effort other than unpausing, and from there you can go jogging, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, or even just flopping on your couch with your eyes closed, without having to interrupt a single moment. And hey, if you end up feeling like you missed something, then just hit “replay.”

What’s more, people can subscribe to podcasts, which means that new episodes will automatically be delivered right to their device. Clients love no-effort solutions, which is exactly what a podcast has the potential to give them. No one can complain about convenience.

5. You Can Increase Conversion With Podcasting

Think about a person on a show you love, or an author whose books you enjoy, or a social media influencer whose posts you always “double-tap,” or yes, even a podcast you listen to. Now how often has one of those people recommended a product (whether their own or somebody else’s) and you’ve at least gone and checked it out for yourself?

Odds are, a couple times at least, right?

One of the reasons we do that is that we build a sense of familiarity with those people. Even if we’ve never met in person, they don’t feel like strangers. In fact, they’ve probably become people we respect to the point that we trust their recommendation.

Podcasting gives you the potential to build that familiarity from your customers, making you someone that they feel like they know. The more consistent you are about recording and posting episodes, the more your listeners will get the chance to connect with you, and the higher the chances that they will turn to you when the time comes to purchase the product that you just so happen to offer.

You’ve Got Something To Say, Say It With XYZ

Podcasting is a simple but effective way to grow your brand and become an authority in your field. If you are looking to set yourself up for success as a business, then podcasting through XYZ Marketing is the way to do it.

Connect with clients, both established and potential, on a whole new level. Let them hear the voice of your company and have the chance to learn more about who you are and what you have to offer. Increase your chances of higher conversion rates and gaining a faithful client base.
Contact XYZ Marketing today to get started.

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