How A Professional Photographer Can Boost Your Business

You’ve probably heard the phrase that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With a professional photographer, that phrase proves true. It also ends up being one of the most useful tools in marketing. But before you break out the camera on your phone, snap a couple photos, and call it a day, you should consider how having a professional photographer can be an even greater advantage.

The fact is that you stand a lot to gain from working with a professional photographer to promote your business:

  • High quality photos are more shareable (meaning greater word of mouth for your business)
  • They help people visualize life with your product, which is a large factor when deciding to buy
  • Photos raise the chances of people remembering your company, thus increasing familiarity and the chances of purchasing from you
  • They give a higher reflection of the quality of your products than photos shot on your phone

Let’s go more in-depth into each of these benefits.

Photography Is Very Shareable Marketing

Pretty much every single form of social media gives you the option to post and share photos. In fact, several of them are centered around photo or video (Snapchat and Instagram for example).

  • As of 2021, approximately 3.78 billion people were using social media, and the figures show that there could be as many as 3.96 billion in 2022. That’s nearly half of the global population liking, commenting, and sharing content
  • It’s estimated that most Americans cross between 4,000-10,000 advertisements daily. In other words, you need to catch people’s eyes and catch them quickly

What does this mean for you? It means that making use of a great photographer holds massive potential for generating engagement from your audience. This in turn expands your reach even wider and presents your product to even more potential customers.

Think of it this way: Imagine you’re scrolling on social media and you come across a post from a restaurant. The food in that photo looks so good that you’re already salivating over it. You send the post to a friend or a family member with a single message: “You in?” By that evening you’re sitting down to that very same dish, and the next morning you’re sharing that post saying, “You’ve got to try this place!”

In this example, not only did the work of a great photographer trigger the desire in your mind to try out this restaurant, you were able to share that opportunity with many more people. Photography created by an expert has the potential to evoke those emotions about your brand as well, and comes with that benefit of shareability.

Connect With Your Customers’ Imaginations

Imagine you’re browsing engagement rings, trying to find the one that’s right for your significant other. As you’re scrolling through online stores, you find one that catches your eye. The way that the gem seems to catch the light, the clearness of the metal, it draws you in. You see another picture of the same ring. Though it’s on the finger of a model, it’s not difficult to place your loved one in her place, visualizing that ring on her finger.

Why did this work? A professional photographer did a great job adjusting lighting, editing, and directing the placement of the ring in order to help you see what your life would be like with that product. In other words, they helped your imagination to visualize how your life would improve by buying that ring.

  • According to Think With Google, 50% of online shoppers declared that images helped them decide what to buy. 53% said that they were inspired to make a purchase because of images.
  • HubSpot has shared that an astounding 67% of consumers have described the quality of a product image as “very important” when it came to the decision of making a purchase

The better the quality of the photo, the more you’re going to touch that part of a customer’s imagination that will help them visualize their life with your product.

That’s why so many gyms feature pictures of amazingly fit people. It is why restaurants post mouthwatering photos of their food. It’s also why politicians’ campaigns always share images of happy smiling people working to improve their community. They are creating a vivid idea of what could be your reality if you were to go with them.

People Remember Pictures

Remember what we said about most people being visual learners? Science has been proving that images stick in people’s minds. Utilizing this side of marketing increases your chances of building a recognizable brand. Here are some statistics that show how much a photographer’s skill can help:

  • Studies show that people remember only around 10% of something they learn after 72 hours. If the information is paired with a great image, that increases to 65%.
  • Scientists have discovered that the brain can recognize things it sees within 100 milliseconds. This means that the better photography you use, the more recognizable your brand can become
  • According to the Social Science Research Network, around two-thirds of people are visual learners. This means that if you’re wanting people to learn about your product, and do so quickly, then photos are essential.

The more eye-catching your photos are, the more they are going to cling to people’s memories, and the higher chances that they’ll remember how you have the solution to their problem. Professional photographers are specially trained to craft photos that will stand out among the rest.

Photographers Use Cameras That Make The Cut

Lots of phone brands advertise how professional the cameras on their smartphones are. But here’s the deal: nothing takes better quality photos than a camera that is built singularly for that purpose.

In the case of phones, taking pictures is just one tool among many, meaning that while it comes with the advantage (and appeal) of convenience, you’re going to have to compromise on many aspects of quality (focus, color, etc.). Let’s be honest, imagine hiring a photographer for your wedding and having him show up with his smartphone as his main picture-taking device.

Meanwhile, a professional-grade camera has been specifically designed with the sole purpose of taking visually-stunning photographs and video. While they can be bulky and cumbersome, they give unmatched quality consistently, which a pocket-sized phone simply can’t match.

Thankfully, photographers have put in the time and research necessary to hone their skills, and you get to reap the benefits when you’re sharing high-class photos of your business, your team, and your products.

Make Your Brand Picture Perfect With XYZ

If you’re ready to get photos that will reflect the quality of your product, building trust and catching the attention of your customers, then start today with XYZ. Our photographers spend countless hours practicing and perfecting their skills in order to present your business in the best possible light.

Schedule a time today to meet with our team. You can find all the ways that your business can benefit from having a professional photographer on your team. You can contact us through the form down below or give us a call at (801) 917-4310.

If you want to see your company rise to the next level, then XYZ is there to help you.

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