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How You Benefit From Content Writing

Think about this: When was the last time a question popped into your head, so you looked it up online and found lists and pages of articles and posts with answers? Probably pretty recently, right? You can thank content writing for those lists and pages and articles and posts. When you’re looking for DIY fixes for broken refrigerators and find a step-by-step guide, when you want to grow on social media and find a tips-and-tricks article, when you want to know how many times Joey says “How you doin’” on Friends and find a definitive list with timestamps, you can thank writers.

In marketing, there are few, if any, aspects that a writer does not have his or her fingers in. Whether it be websites and SEO, video, social media; if there are words, there’s a writer somewhere on that line.

Content writing serves a wide range of purposes:

  • Builds authority for your brand, which establishes trust and credibility
  • Entertains and educates, keeping readers engaged
  • Works closely with SEO to get your brand in front of more potential customers

When it comes to marketing your brand, the need for a writer cannot be overstated.

Content Writing Helps You Become An Authority In Your Field

Regardless of what form of business you deal in, you want to be the expert that people turn to. Of course you do, because when you show your audience that you know what you’re talking about, the odds go up that they’re going to turn to you more often when they have questions. Eventually, that trust you build increases the potential for sales.

When it comes to becoming an industry leader, a content writing, done by a professional writer, does much of the following:

  • Consistently produces content that answers questions and educates readers, showing your business as a one-stop-shop for relevant information
  • Painstakingly performs research to back up their writing with sources, building your credibility as an expert in your industry

And the amazing thing is, you can apply this to practically any kind of business. If you run a plant nursery, a writer can help you become an authority in gaining green thumbs. For a bookseller, a writer will help you establish yourself as a connoisseur (and recommender) of people’s new favorite books. If you sell groceries, a writer can make you an expert in how to use those products to craft mouthwatering dishes.

All of this and more shows customers that not only do you perform a service, you also know how to boost it to the next level. This can have customers not only coming to your business, but also coming back.

Content Writing Helps You Be Seen

Google’s mission statement reads as follows: “Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Search engines, like Google, are there to take the questions people are asking, gather content that seeks to answer those questions, and present it to the searcher. Specifically, they place the content that is most relevant and most valuable near the top.

So what does this have to do with content writing?

Getting to that top spot is vital to gaining traction as a company, and it takes a lot of work. Writers and SEO (search engine optimization) experts put their heads together to generate content that, among other things, is relevant and informative. This increases your chances of search engines, particularly Google, ranking you higher.

Why is ranking so important?

  • Statistics have shown that the first Google search result receives 28% of all clicks. The second result receives only 15.7%. The third result gets an average of 11%. The results only get lower from there. This means that the lower you rank, the less of a chance you will be seen at all
  • Google owns an astounding almost 92% of the worldwide search engine market. The next highest search engine would be Bing, with only a 2.86% hold of the market. Given these statistics, it becomes clearer how much of an effect ranking higher can have on traffic for your business

Content writers and SEO experts try and help your website rank higher by producing content that answers people’s questions.

Stories Help People Buy

The majority of the time, writers are storytellers. That is a very useful skill in marketing. Doing so opens the door for your customers to connect on a deeper level with your product than they would by simply reading a list of statistics.

It is one thing for a potential customer to read that the screwdrivers you sell have a magnetic tip. But if you can craft a story whereby having that magnetic tip they were spared the list of losing their last screw, which would result in spending time and gas to drive to the store to find the brand, just to come home and start again, then you can link yourself to your customer’s desire for time-saving, cost-effective success.

The same holds true for just about any product or service. Using content writing to tell a story in which your product helps a customer overcome the trial that has been hounding them is a surefire way to make them seriously consider doing business with you.

The beautiful thing about writers is that they work hard to hone their skills as storytellers in order to cast your business as the solution to your potential customer’s problems. That puts you on the path towards being first in the minds of potential clients.

Become An Authority With XYZ’s Content Writing Services

Today is the day to create content that can help you rise the ranks of search engines. If you’re ready to build a reputation as an authority in your field, then talk to XYZ about all the ways you can benefit from our content writing services.

You can see your website content expand, partnering with SEO, in order to increase your chances of rising up the ranks of Google, Bing, and other search engines. With high quality content writing, you can see yourself become an authority in your field.

Contact us today and let’s begin developing your unique marketing strategy, complete with professional content writing.

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