Jonathan Lauer

Jonathan Lauer

Owner / Video Viking

Here we have Jonathan Lauer, the true power of 🇩🇪 German engineering (eat your heart out, Volkswagen), and this year’s winner of the Best Beard in the Office award.

Born at a young age, Jonathan has grown to be a 🎥 Video Viking 🪓, the founder of Light Child Media, and the co-founder of XYZ Marketing. Bringing to the table years of experience in both the world of videography and business, he balances them to create visual content that is meant to drive clients to your business.

A true family man, he is the proud father of 6 kids at home and 6 kids at work. The battle for “favorite child” continues. The jury is still out.

He loves to stack spaghetti sauce and… and…. and… brings out the carts on on on on the forklift. (Who gets the references?)

If you ever offend him, which he chooses to be quite often, you can submit a steady peace offering of a schnitzel. But, c’mon, who wouldn’t that appease? Das ist gut. But where schnitzel is in short supply, a hug will always suffice.

Jonathan infuses contagious enthusiasm into every project. You’ll never fail to get a lighthearted experience, but a seriousness when it comes to getting your business out there into the world. You won’t have to worry about in whose hands you are placing the promotion of your business.

He puts his passion into play to bring profit to yours, and does so with a skill honed through years of practice, study, and careful thought. Beneath his eye for detail, there is no such thing as second best.

Lots of people think that creating great product video is as simple as pulling out their phone and getting a few clips. But when that happens, lots of mistakes can arise which will turn off potential customers. The audio could be off, the quality won’t be as good, the flow might end up being disjointed.

Don’t make those same mistakes. Go with a videographer who knows the ropes, who has worked hard, and has come by the knowledge honestly. You can skip the missteps and get right into building a collection of high-quality professional video, with you and your business as the shining stars.

If you want to work with Jonathan on boosting your company with video, then contact XYZ today to get started!

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