Strategic Websites Generate Leads

Your company can benefit from a Strategic Website! It will improve every data point in your company, from reach and impressions all the way down to sales closed.
Attract New Customers
Turn Viewer into Leads
Increase Sales

Your Website isn't working

A Website is used to to help a Potential Customer considering your Services/Products turn into a Lead that desires your Service/Product
A strategic Website is a fantasitc way to generate leads.
If your Website is currently not generating enough leads then your Website is not taking people through the Customer Journey.
Implementing a strategic website can be rather complicated to someone who has never done it before but luckily we can do it for you and make it incredibly easy.
If you have attempted to optimize your Website for Lead Generation you probably had questions such as:
Why isn’t my Website Generating Leads?
Do I need a completely new website or just a facelift?
How can I connect with my potential customer in a meaningful way?
What is making my website so slow?
How do I know if my website is good or not?


Moving from a non-strategic website to a strategic one can unlock a wealth of possibilities. With strategic website development, your business can benefit from increased visibility and reach with potential customers, improved brand presence and enhanced user experience.
Your website is the face of your business and the first point of contact for many customers, so it is essential that you create a website that accurately reflects your values and mission and makes them easily understandable and accessible.
With a professionally designed and well-planned strategic website, you can take advantage of all the opportunities that an online presence has to offer.
Increase Sales
Attract New Customers
Turn Viewers into Leads

Without a Strategic Website

Very few Leads coming from your Website
Website serves no real purpose
Not enough Website Visitors

With with a Strategic Website

Consistent Flow of Leads from your Website
Website is a crucial part of your Marketing
More than enough Website Visitors
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How to improve website traffic with SEO?

Many Companies Think Websites are an unavoidable annoyance

Many companies would agree that a strategic Website is important but end up not implementing it or doing it not the right way and are surprised that they are not getting the promised results or see no results at all.

Don’t worry! It’s not your fault! You didn’t go into business to become an Website Developer. XYZ Marketing can take care of that for you, we have the experience and confidence to turn a Website into a Lead Generator.
Optimizing for Conversion
Increase Users Time on Website
Entice People to take desired Actions

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A Sales funnel is comparable to a map when it comes to marketing. You want to orient your marketing efforts based on the where your company is lacking and where your leads are dropping off.
Regardless of your Company, vou still have to take people through the persuasion cycle. A Strategic Websites will allow you to improve the consideration and desire stage of the customer Journey.

Strategic Websites are perfect for Lead Generation because of the ability to communicate your brand, help customers understand why they should choose your services/product instead of a competitors. But without a Strategy behind your Website even the prettiest website won’t do you any good.
Help your potential customers consider you as their choice
Invoke the Desire to work with you
Make it easy for people to reach out and contact you


Having a strategic website that brings in leads makes all the difference for businesses looking to build their customer base and increase their revenue. A website that is well-designed and optimized for conversions will be more likely to attract visitors and convert them into paying customers. On the other hand, a non-strategic website may have some traffic but it won’t bring in the same number of leads as an effective and engaging strategic website.

A strategic website offers countless possibilities to generate leads, such as utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, implementing social media marketing campaigns, running ad campaigns and optimizing content for user conversion. With the right strategy, a well-designed website can be an invaluable asset for any business.
Turn Viewers into Leads
Increase Sales
Attract New Customers
Click Through Rate Increase
Ad Spend Savings
Customer Acquisition
XYZ Marketing understands the process of website development and how to use this powerful tool to generate traffic, generate leads, and automate sales.

The XYZ Approach

As you learn of our approach you will find that we do things a little bit different. The way we approach Strategic Websites is as follows.
Strategic Websites serves the purpose of helping potential customers from considering your service or product to actually desiring your product or service and to take action to express that desire. When done right your strategic Website will provide your Company with a consistent flow of leads.

When engaging in a Strategic Website Project we follow this Approach:
Diagnostic Evaluation of Your Target Audience
Gain a deep understanding of Your Brand
Outline Your Customer Journey
Developing a Website Draft following your Customer Journey
Write Sales Copy that converts Your Potential Customers into Leads
Modify Your Sales Copy to be Search Engine Optimized
Implement Design Elements that match Your Brand
Implement Photography that visually communicates Your Brand
Robust Testing of your Website and it’s conversion potential
Optimizing the conversion Potential
XYZ Marketing takes a structured approach to Strategic Websites, that ensures it serves it rightful purpose, which is to Generate leads by helping potential customers from interest to consideration to then desire for your products/services.

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