Podcasts increase traffic, generate leads, and nurture & convert sales.

Your company can benefit from videos! It will improve every data point in your company, from reach and impressions all the way down to sales closed.
Nurture Leads
Convert Leads
Generate Revenue

Why start a Podcast?

A Podcast is a fantastic way to generate traffic and nurture leads. Your Company can benefits from implementing a Podcast in your Marketing Strategy by opening up another source of traffic. Podcasts are becoming more popular on a daily base due to the fact that more information can be absorbed faster through audio than through text. The most fascinating aspect of Podcasts is the audience you are able to reach. 52% of upper middle class households (combined annual revenue of $100,000+) are listening to at least one podcast a day.
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Podcasts can be hard, but worth it!

Implementing a Podcast across your Marketing Strategy can be rather complicated to someone who has never done it before but luckily we can do it for you and make it incredibly easy.

Yes, theoretically you can start a podcast on your phone, just start talking into a microphone, publish it and in theory you have a podcast now. Every Day over 1,900 Podcasts are launched, of course most of them get abandoned within 3-6 months, but without a solid plan you are joining a very competitive market.

Another huge obstacle most podcasts face is to get their podcasts of the ground and noticed by others (other than your spouse, best friends and of course your Mom) that’s because Audio is hard to market, you can’t just upload it to Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok.

I am sorry to tell you but over 70% of Podcasts never reach a point of profitability, unless you have a strategy to use your Podcast in a profitable way without the need for a large following.
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Struggling To Warm Up Leads
Trouble Coming Up With Content
Lacking Awareness


Another Source of Awareness
Constant Flow of Content
Leads Warming Themselves Up
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How to improve website traffic with SEO?

Many Companies Think Podcasts Don't Work

Many companies think Podcasts are important but end up not implementing them or doing it the wrong way and are surprised that they are not getting the promised results. Podcasting can be hugely beneficial and one of the most profitable traffic sources your business can have, due to the audience you are able to reach.

XYZ Marketing takes a unique Approach to Podcasting, which makes sure that each Podcast episode becomes profitable to your Business.

See below how we approach Podcasting, and how it fits into your Marketing Strategy.
Increase Brand Awareness
Increase Product Or Service Interest
Warm up cold leads

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A Sales funnel is comparable to a map when it comes to marketing. You want to orient your marketing efforts based on where your company is lacking and where your potential customers are dropping off. Regardless of your Company you still have to take people through the persuason cycle. A Podcast will allow you to improve the Awareness and Interest stage within the customer Journey.

XYZ embraces not only the highest audio quality but filming the Podcast gives us the possibility to portray a professional vibe while also allowing us to cut up the Content of the Podcast on multiple Platforms afterwards. We can create multiple pieces of Content from the Podcast Episode afterwards that allow us to drive more traffic to the next Podcast Episode.

A good Podcasts is a fantastic way to establish yourself as an Authority in your industry.
XYZ Marketing follows a strategic approach to each Podcast Episode to make sure it benefits your Companies Traffic Generation.
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Videos are making such a large difference because people are moving away from consuming written text. Videos can communicate 600x more information than written text. A 1-minute video can communicate so much more than 1 minute spent on reading, that is why people are loving videos, they can quickly learn and decide for themselves if they are interested, or not. 

The implementation of Videos becomes so appealing to businesses because of the ability to create an emotional impact in the viewer. This is why videos have become such a powerful business tool and part of every XYZ Marketing strategy. A video can be used to raise awareness, spark interest, inspire consideration, evoke desire, and help evaluate and assist in the purchase of your product or service.
Increase Reach
Attract Clients
Nurture Leads
Click Through Rate Increase
Ad Spend Savings
Customer Acquisition
XYZ Marketing understands the process of video production and how to use this powerful tool to generate traffic, generate leads, and automate sales.

The XYZ Approach

As you learn of our approach you will find that we do things a little bit different. The way we approach a Podcast is as follows.

Tactic serves the purpose of (sales funnel section) and when done right it will help generate more traffic that views you as an Authority in your Industry.

XYZ Marketing takes out all the stress of running effective Podcasts. We will handle the making of the Podcast as well as the promotions after the Podcast is recorded.

When engaging in a TACTIC Project we follow this Approach:
Understand your unique Customer Journey
Develop a custom video strategy for you
Structure the videos for each part of the Customer Journey
Write a script for each video
Create the video
Implementation across all stages of the sales funnel
Any Podcast Production Company can make a Video, what XYZ Marketing is doing differently is the structure of the Podcast and the management of the Podcast Implementation. Without Structure and proper implementation, you end up spending a lot of money on a good Podcast that didn’t change the bottom line.

The Podcasts that XYZ Marketing creates increase all data points, but most importantly the Bottom line

Do you want the phone to ring more often?

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