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Videos Are Consumed 60,000 Times Faster Than Written Content

Improve your conversion by up to 64% by simply implementing videos


It can be frustrating having visitors to your website and no conversions. 

You've probably spent quite a bit on your website just to have people show up and leave without ever considering a purchase. It may even be loaded with great content, but nobody seems to care.

You may have tried videos in the past.

You may have created some videos, uploaded some to social media, then found nobody was watching them other than family and friends.

Maybe you don't know what videos to make.

Many people are at a loss when it comes to what type of video to make, what to say, or even what to do with their hands.  

Videos may seem extremely expensive.

We all hear about the million-dollar Super Bowl commercials, or the cost of commercial placements. How can anyone afford that?
You need someone with a track record for your company. Someone that has proof of successful videos. After all, this is a big portion of your marketing strategy.
I'm Ready To Take My Business To The Next Level

You may have even considered doing it yourself...

but saw that iPhone video footage didn't have an impact.

Most companies have usually tried shooting professional business videos on their cell phones at some point in time, but the footage never turns out as expected.

You don't want your company perceived as low quality.

The video quality that is given to your audience is what they come to expect from your company. If low quality is produced, low quality is expected. 

The message of your video is unclear.

Without a script, without a timeline, without essential elements, your video will lack the structure needed to inspire an action in your customers.

Content may be king, but distribution is queen.

Many companies overlook the importance of distributing their videos properly, meaning, on the correct platforms at the right times.
Let's not mention audio levels, exposure, white balance, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and everything else. Have you ever tried to set up proper lighting?

Of course not, we handle that so you can focus on money-making activities. 

And now you are here. No further along than before.

With XYZ, you now have a company focused on your growth.

By hiring XYZ Marketing, you get an entire team of professionals dedicated to the success of your business, helping you grow into new marketing avenues. XYZ also provides ads, photography, websites, social media, podcasts, and more. We have solutions to drive more calls, form submissions, and appointments scheduled, positioning your business as the authority.
Get more brand awareness
Increase phone calls
Increase form submissions
Increase website conversions
Increase time spent on websites
Integrates with XYZ Marketing CRM
Educate potential customers

What you can expect by hiring XYZ Marketing

We are a premier marketing agency located in Ogden, Utah. XYZ Marketing came to be by the merging of two of the most prominent marketing agencies in Ogden. Rebel Ape Marketing and Lightchild Media. With this merger, we can offer you an experience, unlike any other agency. We don't just build websites, we help you build your brand, grow your company, and provide you the tools that are needed to take your business to the next level.

We offer a free consultation and assessment to find out what you actually need to get your company to bring in a higher return and get your brand in front of the right buyers. Whether you are a service-based industry, product-driven, community-based, or any other type of business, we help GROWING business get to the next level. Better yet, we keep you involved in the entire process, but we do all the work for you!
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But don't take our word for it. 

Here are some real testimonials from real clients that use their videos as a lead source.

Here is what a few of our clients have to say about our business videos and how it's changed their business.
[XYZ] is without question the most professional videographer. The quality of his work and the level of his professionalism is far and above beyond expectations. (And my expectations are high!) Make the right choice and use [XYZ]!

Anthony Ford

Blue Pine Custom Lighting
[XYZ] helps us with all our video marketing and his work it too notch! Today I visited his podcast studio and loved the space! Thank you [XYZ] for making us look good and sound good every time!

Nelson Barrs

Utah Independent Mortgage Corp.
[They] were awesome, very friendly and helpful. They came up with thoughtful ideas to make my vision come to life. They made the process fun and easy. I would recommend them to anyone!

Patricia Murphy

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