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About Us

​​XYZ isn’t your typical marketing agency. Our team is carefully selected and crafted specifically to each person’s unique skills and background. Each key player on the XYZ team knows how to create an impact in your marketing goals and all pitch in to create a customized marketing strategy for your business. We lay out realistic timelines and expectations to get you real results. We don’t promise you overnight success that’s unobtainable, we promise time proven strategies that can help grow your business with the frameworks required for growth.

We don’t believe in the one-sized fits all, plug-and-play promotions many agencies offer. We don’t believe in a single marketing tactic that a salesman says matches each of your businesses’ pain points. We believe in a full, multifaceted approach with the strategies that have grown businesses for hundreds of years. The market research and data shows us where to go and we pay attention to what it is telling us.

We Are Not A One Size Fits All Agency.

We are the unseen team. We are the blood, sweat, and tears behind every marketing campaign.

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The XYZ Partners

Adam Miconi

Owner / Design / SEO

Adam’s background in marketing began in the early 2000’s. He specializes in website design and SEO and does what it takes to drive traffic to a site.

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Jonathan Lauer

Owner / Design / SEO

Jonathan’s background is about building videos with a strategy to bring results. No more videos that sit around doing nothing. He makes videos that perform.

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The XYZ Team


Trent Ross


Trent is our videographer that has an entertaining mix of YouTube and business. He creates videos that are engaging and invite users to interact.

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Savannah Campbell

SEO Specialist

Savannah picked up SEO incredibly fast and knows more than SEO’s who have been in the industry for three times as long. She’s always looking for ways to improve a company and push them up in ranking.

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Corbin Probasco


Do you know what a cinematographer is? After you see one of Corbin’s videos, you’ll want to always use one. A mix of powerful lighting and color brings everything together.

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Keaton Winter


If you want dull copy that nobody reads, you’ll want to go somewhere else. Keaton breathes life into every project with a mix of facts and story and intrigue in perfect harmony.

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What It's Like At Our Office

We aren’t your typical business. We have a black door, crazy awesome sound absorbing panels, furniture we move around daily, a zen style production department with relaxing lamps, LED’s, and essential oils that creates a culture that can’t be topped!

At XYZ, we aren’t just coworkers, we are friends, family, and besties who pinky swear that we will always be there for each other. Come experience the XYZ culture, our door is open! I mean, not literally open, it’s heavy and has an auto closing hinge, but metaphorically, it’s always open.

Zen. Yeah, we've got that!

A relaxing environment. Essential oils defuser. A giant bean bag chair. Awesome team.

Yes, you are welcome to come hang out with us!

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