Video marketing for business can be super affordable
Video marketing for business can be super affordable

5 Useful Tips For Video Marketing For Businesses

You may be wondering whether or not video marketing for businesses is worthwhile. You may wonder how much it costs to create a brand video and whether it is worthwhile to invest in SEO. Here’s a look at how video marketing can help your business. Creating a video will attract more viewers and boost your rankings in search engines.


Does video marketing for my business help it grow?

If you are a business owner, you probably have a million things on your plate, and it can be challenging to add video marketing to that list. But video marketing for businesses is extremely important, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. With today’s smartphones, it’s easy to make marketing videos to promote your business.

In addition to promoting your business, videos can also help you increase your brand awareness. Consumers come in contact with thousands of brands in a short time span and it becomes harder and harder to set yourself apart from all the noise. 

To create effective videos, you’ll need to set goals and determine how to reach them!

Goals can make or break a video marketing campaign. Without setting attainable goals for your goals and consistently trying to reach them, your videos will never make it off the ground (except for the .00000001% of videos that go viral).

If you’re running a service-based business, video marketing for business can be especially helpful. It can help potential customers understand what you do, and you can demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. Moreover, video marketing for businesses can help create trust among potential customers. You can use a video to explain your products, explain your services, or explain the industry you’re in.

Video Marketing for business can be super affordable and bring huge ROI
Video Marketing Can Be Super Affordable

Another benefit to video marketing for businesses is that it can incorporate consumer-made content. When a customer watches a video that includes an advertisement, he or she is likely to believe it if it’s made by a person or brand they deem as trustworthy. In addition to consumer-made content, companies can use video content to leverage user-generated content to build a more authentic relationship with potential customers.

Videos have become increasingly popular among Internet users. Video content on websites has an average conversion rate of 4.8%, compared to just 2.9% for websites without video. The quality of the video also plays an important role in conversions, however even the most basic videos can have massive impact for a brand when done creatively.

Using videos to promote your business has become a staple of social media platforms. This is because they are an easy way to gain exposure and gain trust. In addition, they’re also a great way to boost your SEO efforts.

How expensive is video marketing for businesses?

Small businesses often have a limited budget, and want to use video to promote their product or service, but the cost can be prohibitive. Thankfully, there are ways to cut costs while still gaining a professional-looking video. Small businesses can collaborate with other businesses and split the costs of filming, making it possible to create a professionally crafted video marketing for business for half or even less than the full price.

Traditional video advertising for TV can be costly, requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in production costs and placement on television. However, thanks to social media, making videos is now much more affordable than ever.

If hiring a professional to do the video marketing for your business isn’t quite in your budget yet, no problem! In this day and age, we all have extremely high quality and surprisingly sophisticated cameras in our pockets.

  • Need to shoot a quick ad? Pull out your phone.
  • Need to shout out a brand new customer or employee? Open up instagram or facebook and make it happen right on the app.
  • Need your customers to know your store just opened? Make a 30 second clip telling them where you are and why they need to come see your amazing products!

There are tons of really great tutorials on line for how to do simple video with your phone.

Here is one by Digital Trends on YouTube: Smartphone Video Tips: How To Make Better Videos

In addition to traditional brand awareness videos, you can also make behind-the-scenes videos. Many people consider these videos to be one of the easiest to create and do not take much time. For example, if you make your product in house, maybe show some basic processes that help them understand that you take pride in your craft. Creating a video like this allows potential customers to see the process from the inside and to connect with you better as a brand.

Is video marketing worth it for search engine optimization?

Search engines love videos and will give your website more exposure if you include a video transcript on your website. The more searchers see your video, the higher your ranking, but there are a few things to consider when using videos for SEO. The first is to make sure that the video is relevant to the content of your website. This is important because Google wants to know how the video fits into your content.

Search engines want high-quality content, and videos can help you deliver that. They also give your website visitors a visual that helps contextualize your blog post. For example, a video explaining how a product works can help them understand it better. 

Video marketing for your business also give you a chance to show your product in action, which is important for search engines. If you have a medical website, a video can show people how to use a product step-by-step.

Showing how video marketing for business can be useful when showing the purpose of your product in more detail.

Another important part of video optimization is keyword research. Make sure your titles and descriptions contain relevant keywords. Include your main focus keyword as well as other related ones. Try to be creative with your titles and descriptions. The key to successful video SEO is to make your videos as relevant as possible. You may need to invest some time into keyword research, but the time and effort will pay off in the long run.

The overall length of the video you make is up to you but depending on what kind of video it is and what platform you will be posting it on will ultimately determine what would work best.

Don’t overdo it!

It’s better to have an overall high engagement with a shorter watch time than lower engagement with a super long video that no one watches till the end. Look at other peoples videos in the same space and see how long their videos are to gauge how long you should make your videos.

Benefits of video marketing for business

Videos are a great way to increase your online presence. Without an online presence, your small business can’t survive. By creating a video, you can engage potential customers and persuade them to take the next step – visit your website or make a purchase. 

People also share videos on social media, which helps build your brand and credibility. But more importantly, video marketing for businesses help you reach your target audience more quickly.

When compared to text-based content, customers are far more likely to watch a video on a website than to read a long description. They can easily consume the information that a short online video can provide, even if it is just an explanation of a product.

Videos are easy to engage with, and they can help your small business attract, convert, and retain new customers. 

More businesses are using video as a marketing tool to engage their customers. Videos can enhance your website’s design, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. They can help you engage your customers, promote brand awareness, and introduce new products and services.

Videos are also more effective at building trust between a business and its potential customers. A video that engages customers with a product or service will leave a lasting impression on them than a text-based message. 

85% of people visiting a site seek additional information before investing in a brand. 

You can provide that additional information by using a quick brand video right on your homepage so they never even have to click off your site to learn more about who you are. This makes it easier to build trust with your potential customers with videos.

In addition to increasing traffic and conversions, video also increases social media engagement. 

Social media engagement has been shown to increase organic traffic by 41%

This organic traffic leads to higher search engine rankings. When your video is shared on social media, people will be more likely to visit your website.

Don’t wait to get started with video marketing for business.

Video is done with trial and error. You’ll want to start seeing what works and what doesn’t work as soon as possible. Video marketing as a whole has exploded in popularity over a short period of time. It is important to not miss out on the possible growth with putting out a more engaging and conversion heavy product.

We are here to help make you with your video marketing for business.

We at XYZ Marketing have the know how and the experience to back it up. If you’re a business in the Ogden area or a surrounding area, set an appointment so we can give your business the video marketing strategy you need to grow and gain more traffic and attention to your site.

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